Historical Site/Gardens/Open Space

Within the facility, there is a historic site, Ujigawa Taiko Tsutsumi Embankment, which is a series of reproduction copies from historical periods, such as Azuchi-Momoyama, the late Edo period to the early Meiji period. Various events are offered in the open garden and space.

North Area (Azuchi-Momoyama Period)


Historic Site: Uji River Taiko Tsutsumi Embankment

About 400 years ago, Hideyoshi Taiko (Hideyoshi Toyotomi) built the Taiko Embankment to consolidate land and waterways in Fushimi. It reproduces the appearance of the revetment at the time when the embankment was built.
The same stone wall masonry technology used back then for the castle is used to reproduce the revetment you can see now.

South Area (Late Edo through Eartly Meiji Period)


Shukei Tea Garden

Shukei Tea Garden is a reproduction of the landscape of a tea plantation run on a sandbar in the Uji River.
In Uji, tea is produced by a traditional method called Ōishitasaibai, which put covers over the entire tea plantations.
Chazuna also offers a tea-picking experience in a real tea plantation.
Please come and experience it.



Nodate Garden

A garden with a rich depth of Tsukiyama in the back ground. Also open-air tea ceremony called Nodate will be held.

Waterside Garden

The pond in the garden doubles as a rainwater storage, which exposed two different faces, when becoming a pond and exposing its water bed depending on how much water is stored. An area where you can feel the transitioning of seasons and time.

Woods Garden

Srounded by trees that go through the changes of the four seasons, it creates a rich passing time.
You can also enjoy these beautiful seasonal trees from the restaurant's open terrace.

Open Space


Entrance Square

At this gateway to Chazuna, the weeping cherry blossoms will welcome you.
A plaza that you can enjoy taking walks and/or breaks, and also it will serve as a temporary parking lot during holidays and events.

Tea Ceremony Square

A green open space where events can be held even when the entrance square is used as a temporary parking lot.

Event Square

Open-air events will also be held in the square in front of Chazuna.
From the entrance of Chazuna, go through the Alley Garden (Tōri Niwa) in the building, and head to the Taiko Embankment!